Book Review for The Den of Wolves

I just finished Juliet Marillier’s Den of Wolves.  I have been a huge fan of Marillier’s for a while now.  I just love her style of writing and re-telling of Celtic myths.  She has such a natural flow to her stories and they truly are a treasure to read.  Here is my review and a link to buy her book.

Book Review for Den of Wolves by Juliet Marillier


An exceptionally well-written, spell-binding journey through myth and fairy tales

Den of Wolves is the third (and last?) in Juliet Marillier’s Blackthorn and Grim series.  The first two books are Dreamers Pool and Tower of Thorns.

Like all Marillier’s books, Den of Wolves is exceptionally well written, evocative, and has an interesting story that pulls you in.  In this book, Blackthorn and Grim help a young girl who has some strange abilities and a tedious home life.  Together, they help this girl gain self-confidence and discover things about herself and her past that change her life forever.  Things also change for Blackthorn and Grim!

The story arc finally comes to an end in this third book of the series but the end of the story leaves tantalizing openings for much more to happen in Blackthorn and Grim’s world.  I, for one, hope Marillier continues to write more in this great series.

If you haven’t given Juliet Marillier a try I highly recommend starting today!  You won’t be disappointed.  If you love Irish myths, retold tales, or anything Celtic, you must read Juliet Marillier and you will be an instant fan!

Here is her website, go check it out:

Here is where you can purchase Den of Wolves:


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