Sword of Stone Cover Reveal

Happy February everyone!!!

We are in the home stretch; winter will be over in the next two or four months depending on where you live…or if you’re in the southern hemisphere you’re looking forward to the cooler months.

We are on schedule for a February 11th release date for Sword of Stone: Sword of Rhiannon: Book Three (which happens to be my birthday).  You will be able to pick up Sword of Stone for only .99 for the first 7 days!

I’m also going to be running a huge ad campaign on my series starter, Tree of Bone and Mist: Sword of Rhiannon: Book One (previously published as The Empress of Ventra) from February 11th to the 28th.  I’d love to get as many social media shares and reviews on any of my books as possible. 






Please help me make this a success by sharing on your social media and leaving a review!  Reviews are SO important because they determined which advertisement we qualify for and they also help with search engine optimization and for other readers to make their decision weather or not to buy my books.  THANK YOU for helping me with this!

If you’d like to receive all my books fore FREE, come to my Facebook group. You’ll receive all my e-books for free.  I’ll also announce reveals and exclusive excerpts.  I look forward to seeing you there.




I am currently writing a science fiction romance trilogy that I will be working on this summer.  I think I will be publishing these under a pen name, but I will let you know.

Okay, I’d love to share my cover reveal with you now!  Sword of Stone: Sword of Rhiannon: Book Three:


I will let you know the Amazon URL link as soon as I have it!

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What I have learned This Year & Plans for 2018


Well, Sword of Stone is with my super wonderful editor, Courtney Cannon of Fiction-Atlas Press LLC. We are shooting for a February 11th launch date because, well, it will be my 50th birthday. Hard to admit…

Many thanks to Jackie Felix who did the cover art for Tree of Bone and Mist, (renamed from the Empress of Ventra) War of the Gypsy, and the soon to be revealed, Sword of Stone. Thanks also to Courtney who took the beautiful art and turned them into wonderful covers.

Tree of Bone and Mist



War of the Gypsy



This has been the most transformative year of my life. This is the year that I went from luxuriating in the rosy ideal of being a writer to actually becoming a professional author. This journey has often been frustrating but extremely rewarding as it has been my goal since the tender age of five. Learning the trade of being an indie author has been a challenge—what writer loves marketing, right? But it has all been worth it to realize such a deep, life-long dream.

There have been other changes this year as well. My mind and heart, which had been tightly stuck on a belief system handed down to me by my parents and grandparents, all of a sudden did not fit with my changing world views any longer. With much trepidation, anxiety and guilt I moved away from things I had always held to and started to look at the world in a different light.

I’ve also gotten serious about my mental health this year. One out of four people have a mental illness and I think (at least I hope) attitudes are changing about the people (a quarter of our population) who suffer with these illnesses. I have struggled with bipolar all of my life. I let it beat me down until I was sure that it had won and my future was nothing but bleak—if I even survived at all.

And then my outlook started to change. I no longer believed everything I had been told my whole life, so that opened me up to the fact that someone who has a mental illness, could, in fact, be successful. I got serious about becoming a professional author.

I also started intense weekly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. To go along with this, I started meditating daily. I do not miss a day. Giving up my previous belief system, (which is not an understatement when I say that it saturated every part of my life) starting a career I have always wanted, and taking my mental health into my own hands has been nothing short of miraculous, allowing me to turn into the person I have always wished I could be.

That is not to say I don’t have rough days. As summer turned to fall my hyper productive and annoyingly positive outlook started to dim with the shorter days. It was inevitable. However, I’ve tried to remain creative and did not let my mental health routine slip. Some days—a lot of days—it was an all-out fight. I will always have these challenges, but now I know that change is possible. Dreams can and do come true.

This year I’ve published two full-length novels and have written a novella, which I am giving away on my website, and have finished and delivered to my editor an additional full-length novel. I have written about a third of another novel and have a good start into yet another one. I have gone on an intense educational journey, learning all about the ins and outs of indie writing and publishing. I have listened to hours of podcasts, attended countless webinars, read blog posts until my eyes were blurry, and consumed huge stacks of books—all highlighted and encrusted with my notes. Has it paid off? Well, I’m not wealthy—yet. However, money is only a tiny measure of success. My mind has been opened! Not only can I see and understand success and happiness, I KNOW THAT I CAN ACHIEVE IT.

I was also interviewed by two bloggers and I found that fact so surreal and humbling. Thank you, Fiona McVie and The Muse, Kelly Blanchard, for taking an interest in me and my writing. I also want to thank Ivy Logan for giving me such a wonderful review on her blog.

In 2018 I have many plans that involve every aspect of my life. I know that things are only going to get better. Despite the dismal outcome of our American election, which devastated most of us, I now see hope out of the ashes of what is happening to our democracy. Now that I am not restrained by a restrictive belief system any longer, I will be voting for the first time in my life in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. A movement has started—a fire lit—that will cause a shout that will be heard all over the world. We will prevail!

On the Winter Solstice I spent a spectacular evening under the frigid stars huddled around a huge bonfire with my family watching the Yule Log burn merrily in the orange flames. We lit floating wish lanterns and sent them off into the night sky carrying away our hopes and dreams into the universe. My first of many Yule celebrations.

Upon the tails of the #MeToo movement, of which I have my own story, I have found the feminist that has been trying so hard to escape since I was a small child and told that women need to be quiet and submissive. I always felt that was wrong, now I know it. I feel freed from the shackles of male rule. I am woman, hear me roar!

I have found my voice. I have found my power. I have found my passion.

In 2018 I will be working on many things. I have tentatively written out my publication schedule for the year and, if everything goes as planned, I will be publishing five more novels next year. The last two books in the Sword of Rhiannon series: Sword of Stone (which is with my editor now) and Daughter of the Forgotten Tree, which is about a third of the way done. I’m also going to publish a new dystopian sci-fi series in the fall. I’ve gotten a start on the first book (thanks to NaNoWriMo) called Sea Urchin.

I’m also planning on starting a blog for creatives living with a mental illness. I have a few blog posts already written but I’ll be looking for others to contribute to the blog as well. It’s not just my story—it’s all of ours. I’m hoping it will be informative and encouraging.

I’m planning on paying more attention to this blog as well. I’ll try to make interesting weekly blog posts about obscure fairy tales or different aspects of myths and legends. And of course, being sure to post about any updates with my books.

I plan on finally getting organized. Bookkeeping is not my thing…nor is keeping records…analyzing profit and loss sheets. Well, I guess none of that is my thing. But, I am planning on easing my way into being highly organized by the summer. I will be doing research into the actual running of a business in this coming year. I can do it. I have faith. Plus, I just got my copy of Joanna’s Business for Authors book. Time to start reading!



My husband and I have been trying to become vegans for years and although we have made pretty good strides we have fallen sadly short. Sitting in a dark theater with my seven-year-old grandson watching Ferdinand it finally hit me. I cannot in good conscience keep supporting cruelty to our fellow Earth dwellers just because I want to eat a hamburger or drink a glass of milk.

There is a faction of veganism that has become aggressive, political and just plain mean and negative. I don’t want to fall into this group. This is my decision. I feel that it is something that I must do. I’m not going to preach at people. It is something everyone must decide for themselves. For me and my mental and spiritual health I cannot cause harm to another living being just to make it easier for me. I don’t feel my spirit or my subconscious can truly be aligned and at peace while taking part in the horrible suffering of animals—not to mention the devastating effects it has on our environment (over half of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture, according to a report published by the Worldwatch Institute) as well as it not being very healthy to consume. So, we’re going 100% vegan from now on. Perhaps saying we stick to a whole food, plant-based diet is a more palatable statement (pun intended).

What has made it hard is the fact the only thing I hate more than cooking is grocery shopping. Thinking about having to prepare all our food from scratch is overwhelming. We also like to eat out, and let’s face it, southern Indiana isn’t so vegan friendly. But we are on a mission now and there’s no turning back. If we don’t want to starve we will have to cook…and find local restraints that serve more vegan options than just lettuce.

2018 is the year that I am going to make physically healthy changes also. I am eagerly awaiting my copy of The Healthy Writer by Joanna Penn and Dr. Euan Lawson. Joanna is truly an inspiration to all of us writers and her journey to be a healthy writer is so encouraging and the motivation behind my getting very serious about finally getting healthy this year. I intend to take up yoga (I already have my mat!) and split my work out into half cardio and half weight training for the best results. I also intend to put my expensive juicier back to work and make fresh green juice every week….fun! <not> LOL


Mind, body and spirit, things seem to be coming together for me. I wish I would have had these life-changing realizations when I was younger but I obviously wasn’t ready. Everything happens in its own time. But take heart, change is possible, no matter how old you are. <grin>

I hope everyone has a productive, harmonious, and outstandingly happy 2018!

Happy 2018!























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Author Interview by Fiona McVie


I have recently had the honor to be interviewed by Scottish poet and interviewer, Fiona McVie.  I’m always excited to do an interview because it reinforces my professional author mindset.  All of us authors are continually growing in our craft and it is nice to be noticed for our hard work.  Thank you, Fiona and I hope to one day visit your beautiful country.  I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and I know someday I’ll make it!!


You can read my interview here:




You can find Fiona here:







Her Website:



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Sword of Stone Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from book three in the Sword of Rhiannon series,  “Sword of Stone”.  I’m hoping it will be done by the end of summer.

Time seemed to stand still here in this primeval clearing located in this ancient forest. The birds were quiet as if to show reverence to the King of the Forest that stood in front of her. It lay dormant now, innocent and blameless, though Rhiannon knew that was a lie. The shell’s smooth surface warmed Rhiannon’s hand as her mind fought the calm wanting to race with disquieting thoughts.

Through the dim, dwindling light Rhiannon peered at where her long, sad odyssey had first begun: she stood before the Tree of Jur. Its huge, gnarled truck held up massive branches still full of dark leaves, shimmering in a dry breeze that dared to blow through the forest clearing. She edged a little closer mesmerized by the gaping opening in the tree, its inky darkness so deep the brightest light would not penetrate it. She could feel its draw on her soul calling her home.

She peered up at the living monolith standing before her. Hundreds of human bones hung eerily from the dark branches of the tree gently swaying in the breeze in a macabre dance of death. Flashes of white drew her eyes and gave the tree of bone and mist an otherworldly appearance. The Priests of Jur had hung the bones of their dead upon the tree many years ago in an act of reverence and worship. What they left was a ghoulish spectacle which most people avoided. But Rhiannon had been drawn to the tree’s sheltering arms and promise of home.

Rhiannon stopped before the tree and hesitantly held out her hand. The bark was rough and warm under her fingers. It would still be hours before the tree’s portal opened but she could feel a current running through the tree and the air as if it siphoned power from the forest in preparation. She mindlessly rubbed the rough bark wondering how it would be to walk back into her life in Montana. Matthew and Daniel would be shocked but she knew she would still be welcome. Could she do it? Could she leave Màrrach for good?

She edged closer to the tree as she counted everything she had lost since coming through the tree: her father, Tim, Flath and now Shih ‘Ni. The loss was too great to bare—she could stand to lose no more.

Unaware of time passing, Rhiannon stood before the Tree of Jur as the full moon traveled across a black sky. She felt no hunger or thirst or even a need to rest. She was not aware of Zellan as he grazed and ever so often looked up at her to make sure she was still alright. Her ears were deaf to the night insects or the hoot of a nearby owl. Enthralled by the tree she stood by its side all night like a sentry at her post.

Finally, the moon dipped behind tall pines and the cold stars gave up their twinkling as night turned to dawn and then the sun started to rise turning the sky from pink to blue.  Rhiannon felt the humming of the tree before she heard it. Under her caress, the already warm bark turned hot and she pulled her hand away. A thick mist started to poor from the tree and roll across the clearing. The smell of pine was replaced by the aroma of dirt and blood and the tree started to glow an amber color.

This was it. This was her chance to right the wrong that had been done her when she was brought here. The pull of the tree was hard to resist and then she wondered why she was resisting at all. She moved closer to the opening that was now aglow in amber light.

Ever so slowly something started to eat away at her haunted thoughts. A nagging that became louder and could not be ignored any longer. She was being watched! Her pulse quickened as she squeezed the shell in one hand and pulled her sword free with the other. Slowly she turned around ready to face what she was sure was an attack.

Peering through the mist, though, was not the face of an enemy at all. “Rhiannon, don’t,” Kyia pleaded, tears running down her cheeks—Rhiannon dropped her sword to the ground and the amber mist swallowed it whole.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into Sword of Stone.  Check back for updates on its book launch.

This beautiful art is from: http://feelgrafix.com/799833-fantasy-art-wallpaper.html

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Another Great Review for The Empress of Ventra!


I would love to thank Ivy Logan for taking the time to read The Empress of Ventra and for leaving such a great review on her book blog. I highly recommend you check out her site. As always, reviews are like gold to Indie Authors and we covet all that we are lucky enough to receive. Again, thank you, Ivy!


You can read her review of The Empress of Ventra here:


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War of the Gypsy Book Launch May 23rd 2017

Here we go again!!  Launch time for book two in the Sword of Rhiannon series is coming up quick!


Please join us at the launch party on FaceBook on May 23rd and May 24th.  We will be giving away a Kindle Fire, Amazon gift cards and signed copies of  War of the Gypsy.  Participating authors will also be doing their own giveaways, so stop on by!  I hope to see you there!


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Flight of the Raven Announcement & Landing Page

I’ve finally finished Flight of the Raven!!  Yay!  This is an epic fantasy novella that tells the tragic love story of Queen Baobh’s  parents, Raven and Eric.

Click here for your FREE copy of Flight of the Raven:


Young Raven is looking for excitement and adventure. What she finds just might destroy her.

Raven Darkwater leaves the comfort and protection of the hidden village of Ghroc deep within the Alba Forest.  Seeking excitement in her life she travels to the capitol city of Sona Tuath and takes a job in the castle’s kitchen.  Soon she is noticed by the handsome, young man, Eric and they fall deeply in love.  When Eric’s secret comes out the lovers are torn from each other’s lives and Raven is forced to survive on her own.

This is the prequel to the stunning epic fantasy series: The Sword of Rhiannon.

Compatible on any of these devices:


Please feel free to let me know what you think of Raven and Eric’s story.  I hope you’ll pick up a copy of The Sword of Rhiannon after reading this exciting prequel to the Sword of Rhiannon Series.




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Empress of Ventra up for Pre-Order Now


She had questions about her past.  The answers she received took her to another world and changed her life forever.


Suffering from vivid nightmares, Rhiannon Kossi is sure that she’s been lied to about her childhood.  Seeking the answers to long forgotten questions, she is mysteriously taken from her quiet, simple life on a Montana cattle ranch and thrust into a new, violent world where she is forced to either fight or die.  In her quest for answers to her past Rhiannon must accept hard truths that will forever change the course of her life…that is, if she can stay alive.

You will get lost in this spell-binding journey through a breathtaking world of legendary battles, dangerous quests, an ancient prophecy, forbidden love, and brutal self-discovery in book one of the new page-turning epic fantasy series, The Sword of Rhiannon: The Empress of Ventra.  Buy The Empress of Ventra today.


Here’s what people are saying about The Empress of Ventra:

“Easily the richest novel I’ve read in a long time.”
–K. Keeton

“Wonderfully descriptive work that transports you to another world.”
–Marina Iwaski


Q & A With The Author, Melissa E. Beckwith:

Q: Your writing is very descriptive and flowing. Who were some authors that inspired your work?
A: There have been many throughout the years, to be sure. It was after reading Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series that I really started to get serious about writing. Then I discovered my love for fantasy and started to read everything from Robin Hobb and Jennifer Roberson. I’m also captivated by Juliet Marillier, Katherine Hurley, Jeff Wheeler and George R. R. Martin, of course.  Historical fantasy is also another genre that I love, especially writers like Naomi Novik and Libbie Hawker.

Q: How long did it take you to write The Empress of Ventra?
A: Well, the idea for the Sword of Rhiannon series has been rolling around in my head for probably twenty years. Then I studied the craft of writing for many years. So the writing, editing and learning process has been going on over the last sixteen years, I’d say.

Q: What kind of readers do you think your book will appeal to?
A: I think anyone that loves a good epic fantasy story with some romance, sword and sorcery, myth and legends and fairy tale stuff with some time travel thrown in will love The Empress of Ventra.

Q: What is the name of the next book in the series and when will that be out?
A: The next book in the series is called “The War of the Gypsy” and it will be out in February of 2017.

Q: Where can people find you on the internet?
A: People can go to MelissaEBeckwith.com and find out more about me and my books and even sign up for my email list to receive exclusive offers and free books. I’m also on Twitter @M_E_Beckwith, on Facebook @AuthorMelissaEBeckwith, and Melissa E Beckwith on Goodreads. Come find me!

Get lost in a captivating new world today and buy The Empress of Ventra.




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