Legend of Laloni

Legend of Laloni



A playful trade wind caresses the sand, carrying sugary scents from a mystic west.  The sweet air lazily toys with Luloni’s dark tresses; sending raven tendrils dancing on invisible fingers.

“Look for me when the wind travels east,” he whispered softly into her hair.

Her memory watched him board his ship of wood and rope.  He was bright and unknown; jagged shards of excitement and promise.  Blue eyes sparkled just as rays of sunshine danced upon the azure, cold liquid.

Her father: stern and old.  “You will not leave with that pirate that floats upon the waters deep!”

So she watched her love being carried away on blues and greens; borne along by an unseen, unyielding force; escorted by smooth, blue fish.  Heart bleeding; eyes of brown birthing an ocean.

Time was still, yet moved with speed.  The wind shifted and whispered in her ear.  With invisible lips and breath so sweet it spoke of promises yet hidden in the deep.

Eternally Laloni waits upon the sand; greeting every spring with hope that will not die and love that burns forever.