Short Stories

I hope you enjoy joining me on these brief jaunts through the bright and exciting worlds of my short fiction.  Just click on the links above the pictures to take you to the stories.

Please feel free to let me know what you think!

This beautiful art is from lilac 90 at:



The Seer’s Sister

This breathtaking image is from talented artist John Wallin at:



The Witch in the Woods

This outstanding image is from artist Alfredo Rodriguez and you can find him here:




The Black Pool

This gorgeous image is from J. K. Roots and you can find them here:



The Selkie Goddess

This beautiful picture is from James Brown at:




Ashes Under the Sun

Unfortunately, this artist is unknown, but you can find the picture here:





Legend of Laloni

(Flash Fiction)


Unfortunately, this artist is unknown but here is the website linked to this image: